Customizing Your Vape with your Personal Touch

Customizing Your Vape

Customizing Your Vape with your Personal Touch

In this age where inventions are everywhere, customization of personal things like mugs, pens, and anything else has become a trend. Vaping suppliers didn’t escape such a trend. Personalization of vapes or custom mod comes with a broad range according to the owner’s wishes—whether it is images important to the owner or even an original piece of art. Custom mods are a different level of customization that it even requires beyond a new vape skin. For people who love to show off their styles and also into vaping, this is the ideal medium for them.

Creating a Custom Skin

In creating a custom skin, most people tend to think if it is hard. However, it is not the case. It is easy to make your design or picture and turn it into a skin. Vape owners who want to have a custom skin can take any image in PNG, JPG, PDF, and others and turn it into vape skin. If the chosen picture is not Vector, the image pixels must fit within the criterion to make it easier to see. A maximum of about 1200 pixels are needed to either side so the image to be printed would be clear enough to see.

It is also possible to choose more than one image for the customization of vapes. In custom mod production, it is also possible for customers to pick five images. This will let those who can mix varying designs into one work of art. Also, this will make the customers look forward to possibilities on numerous designs that will make it stand out from the rest.

After Picking Images

An order form will be filled out once the customer already has their chosen image. Take note that the custom mod is both available for the tube and box type vape, but make sure to inform the customizer about the vape. Also, state how you wanted the design to turn out to be so that so can have the closest design you are hoping to have. If you have any queries, make sure to contact the customizer so that they can assist you with your request.

Also, custom mods can’t be printed on skins like black mamba and gator. The images are also printed on 3M Controltac Graphic Film—a graphic paper of high quality. This paper will ensure that the images will look great once it is printed. You can also tell the customizer if you have any specific directions you wanted for your vape.

Vaping Incorporated with Art

Anything can be associated with art—and vaping is not an exception. Imagine that just a simple hobby such as vaping can help you express your thoughts through aesthetics. Also, seeing something your vape with your personalization is a different form of achievement. Personalized vape for vape users creates an impact for them; it’s like a whole new experience to the game. Like other things when personalized, it brings them closer to their hobbies and creates a new level of euphoria.

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