Perestroika spices up brands and businesses through surface design. Much like accessorizing an outfit, surface designers create patterns and illustrations to be applied on various products such as gift wrappers, wallpapers, mugs —  basically anything that needs a print.

In the textile industry, the surface design is in demand due to the patterns needed in clothes, curtains, rugs, and so many other products like these.

Surface pattern design is one form of this craft. Perestroika creates seamless pattern designs that give a touch of uniqueness to fabrics and papers.

Like Perestroika, surface designers are hired by companies to design their products for them. These designers are essential to businesses because they are a huge piece of the puzzle in building brand identities. As these companies partner with surface designers, they work together in brainstorming a collection of creative prints, patterns, and illustrations.

When consumers find prints that light up their eyes, they are immediately drawn to these items. A good print will call to a consumer and make them fall in love with this certain product. They soon associate these designs to more sentimental objects and feelings like how a particular floral print on porcelain can instantly remind them of their wedding day or their 18th birthday.

We at Perestroika are delighted to bring these to the table. Our company is ready to collaborate on prints that appeal to people’s emotions and creativity. Our company is capable of adapting to the current trends that will keep brands and products stay on top of the line. We are happy to serve unique patterns and illustrations so that brands can bloom and flourish for each product that they make.