How to Create Pattern Stamps on Photoshop

How to Create Pattern Stamps on Photoshop

As an artist, the process of creating pattern stamps is excruciating whether it be out in the garden or home. With hours and hours of brainstorming and execution, artists are in the constant hunt of making their lives a little bit easier.

When making a pattern, stamp brushes help in making patterns quicker. Here’s how you can start:

  1. Create the motif of the stamp. No matter what you want to make, there are things you need to tweak. First, the stamp should only be one color. If you want one object to use for different patterns but want them in different colors, you should create one for every color. For opaque stamps, the color should be black. Otherwise, it would be transparent.
  2. Select the motif. Select the area surrounding the motif by using the Lasso Tool. After selecting, use the Magic Wand Tool and follow these settings: Tolerance = 0 and Anti Alias and Contiguous = Off. After that, hold the ALT/Control key and click on the white space within the marching ants so that nothing else should be selected
  3. Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset to run a pop-up box that will let you rename the pattern. Then select OK.
  4. The pattern stamp brush will be in the brush panel. This will be ready to use whenever you need it. The brushes panel is located on Window > Brushes. Scroll straight to the bottom of the menu to find your brush.
  5. Choose the color of your brush and make a design!
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