Guide on Innovative CBD Label Design

Guide on Innovative CBD Label Design

Guide on Innovative CBD Label Design

Designing a label for cannabidiol or CBD gummies can be quite a tough challenge, especially with the overwhelming rise of such a concoction today. Your product brand and logo should concurrently set traditional marijuana-based notions aside and inform your niche market of many product benefits in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Fortunately, this guide will discover a few vital techniques to create a cleverly eye-popping yet FDA-compliant label design for cannabidiol products.

Best Creative Design Practices

Creative Design Practices

Some countries have already legalized cannabidiol use, but general public perception regarding this type of product is still somehow illicit, possibly due to its close association with marijuana. To tackle this predicament, focus on the most important element of the entire product branding process: innovative graphic design. An outstanding product label design is not made up solely of the visual aspects alone; you must apply the following best practices to build a trustworthy brand image.

Adding a Personality to Your Logo

There must be a thorough and thoughtful plan to design a cannabidiol brand. If you want to build a potential customer base, it’s necessary to add a personality to your product logo. Once you’ve added a character to your logo, choose the most appropriate shape and colour that best represent your brand’s identity. For instance, opt for imperfect, hand-drawn lines and warmer pigments if your products are for a broader and more diverse market. This overall product label design evokes a more casual and outgoing vibe.

Selecting the Most Effective Colors

We all know that green is the most fitting hue associated with cannabidiol, probably because of its natural look and feel. Although using different shades of green in creating a product label is safe, you don’t necessarily have to play it safe. Explore other colours, too. For example, when designing a cannabidiol product label, try to apply a handful of colours tied to the healthcare industry: white for cleanness and blue for hospitality. Such a unique color scheme will make it look like your product label appears professional and spark your prospective customers’ curiosity to try out your products.

Using the Most Suitable Font Style

Typography is – setting shapes and colours aside – also a key component in label design. However, it can be a deal maker or breaker, so don’t forget to keep your target market in mind before deciding which font style to use. Hand-drawn fonts attract laid-back customers who only want to enjoy your product for recreation. In contrast, the Sans Serif font face – for instance – boosts your brand’s professional reputation.

Label Design Compliance

Before you design your first few CBD labels, it’s essential to initially check out the FDA regulation on labels for such products. One practical example is the statement that, according to FDA guidelines, a cannabidiol product can’t be considered a dietary supplement. Moreover, don’t forget to include on your label your product’s net quantity, milligrams, dosage recommendations, ingredients, and nutrition information, among other essential details.

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