Designing Custom T-shirts

Designing Custom T-shirts

Designing Custom T-shirts

Finding the right t shirt printing that will suit your liking may seem kind of tricky. For instance, if you’ve become recently obsessed with a TV series or a game, you’d love to have the best custom merchandise you can have. The best type of custom merchandise would be Custom T-shirts. It will last longer, it’s great for a show-off and it feels good if you’re wearing what you like.

To design your own T-shirt, here are some tips that you might want to consider:

Designer Tool

For newbies, the Advance Product Designer is recommended to be used. This is a designing software that you can easily install in your PC and it can also be easily manipulated. Having this app is really handy and helpful since it will just be like editing an ordinary picture: you upload the main file (T-shirt image source), designs (clip-arts and logos), and play along with various colors and fonts—voila! You have your custom-designed shirt!

This tool is being used for giving 3D simulated designs in the form of a PDF. This is also the one being used by retailers to give customers an overview of their shirt design through brochures and flyers.

Text Features

One thing that’s really fun about designing your own shirt is that you get to decide which statement you’d like to print on it, what font, how large and on what style. You wouldn’t need to worry about your limited collection of fonts since you can always download online for free. There are a lot of sites that give downloadable fonts. Though, there are also limited edition fonts and those that are more meticulously made but they come with a price.

There are a lot of text features you can add on your shirt depending on its purpose. You can add a quote, a famous TV line or even your name. It’s your rules and let your creativity guide you!


For T-shirts that are to be used at school or company outings, you would need a legit clear copy of their logos. If you just downloaded a logo on the internet and printed it on a shirt, it may look blurred and dull instead of bright and clear. Original files will always be better when printing it out. The aforementioned designing tool, Advance Product Designer, can help give you a creative and pro-looking T-shirt design proposal. It has a lot of clip-arts, fonts, design ideas and it also has online access in which you are allowed to upload external files.

Color Management

Since you are working on a shirt design, make sure that your choice of colors complements with one another. For instance, if your shirt is dark-colored, have your font colors on the lighter shade and vice versa. Colors need to pop together so you would know they’ll be visually good. If you are the one who’ll print your own design, make sure you have the equipment and the exact fabric ink that’s been used on your design.

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