Virginia's Tips 1
Lining a Bodice

1.  Trace the pattern to a piece of cardboard, and cut out to make a template. Trace the pattern on lining fabric wrong side.  Pin to right side of dress fabric, sew top and back edges.

2. Cut out, clip curves & corners; turn right sides out, press edges, sew and trim darts.  Add straps or sleeves  to the bodice. 

Attaching the Skirt

This method works for adding pants to a top, as well!

1.  Hem about 1" on each centre back end of the skirt, for the placket.  Gather skirt to match bodice waist, leaving about 1/2" extending each side at centre back.  Pin skirt to bodice, right sides together, fold extensions over the bodice, and sew waist seam.

2.  Make a small clip in the waist seam allowance, next to the folded-over extensions, and turn the skirt down.  Topstitch bodice to waist seam allowance.

3.  Sew centre back seam up to the placket, hem the skirt, and add snaps to close. 

Have you tried this method of making buttons?  Use your 1/8" punch on plastic lids, like the ones that come on frosting cans, or coffee cans, or any other suitable thin plastic.  You can either glue them on a garment, or burn tiny holes, with a hot needle, for sewing.  I haven't tried it, but it seems like you may be able to burn the holes  before you punch the button out, if you are skilful and careful.  This size button is really good for Ken shirts.