for 11 1/2 Fashion Dolls

the patterns

the vest models with zippers

the models

Like all Real Clothes patterns, the 20 Minute Vests are well-fitting contemporary styles, designed to be easy to sew.  Each of the three patterns in this series has optional cutting lines, to allow for your own creative modifications. 


Choose a non-fray fabric: felt, real or faux fur/leather/suede, micro fleece, soft upholstery fabric, knits, boiled wool . . . See page two for suggested hand stitches. For machine sewing, use a narrow zigzag stitch as for fur.

1. Cut with CB on fold, or allow for seam.

. Vest A: Sew shoulder seams. Finish edges and add closure if desired.

. Vests B and C: Sew one shoulder seam, starting at armhole edge; pivot collar, sew to back neck edge to CB; sew collar together at CB to edge of collar, then back to neck edge; sew remaining collar/neck edge, pivot and sew second shoulder seam. Finish edges and add closure if desired.


Note: You may find it easier to finish the armhole edges before sewing the

shoulder/neck seams. If the vest is to be used over a heavy sweater, jacket or coat, lengthen the armholes to accommodate the sleeves.


Copyright protected by Perestroika; all rights reserved.  Patterns are for personal use only.


Vary the length, the lower edge shape, or the neck edge.

Cut and sew a second vest, finish wrong sides together with the first vest for a reversible or lined garment.

Cut two garment pieces, substituting a seam for the fold line at the centre back.  Use this for a decorative stitch opportunity, or create a harlequin vest with two colours.

Add “fur” or binding to the edges.

Fringe the lower edge - or add a beaded fringe.

Piece fabric for the vest before cutting out.

Embellish to your heart’s content!

For closures: snap, jewelry clasps, buckle, tab, tab & ring, button & loop, hook & eye . . .


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