A photo and tips from Silvana (http://mypage.bluewin.ch/vana/home/)

This is Graziana, dressed in an outfit called "Cold Days", designed and created by Silvana. Pretty cool!

Silvana made the pants from a Real Clothes pattern, but used a side pocket opening instead of the front or back closure. She added a pocket-shaped piece (but larger than the 120 pocket pattern) to the right side of the pants back to allow for the opening, and used a snap as the closure. This way, when the pants are worn under a gown, there won't be bulky closures in the same place.
The sweater was made from one of Silvana's own patterns, using an idea from "Barbie meets the Sock". She used one sock for the body, with the ribbing as the turtleneck, and used the other sock for the sleeves, using the ribbing at the doll's wrists.