The Scarf Dress
This is a neat trick for a quick gown - very little sewing, wonderful fabric!  Take a silk scarf (other fabrics can work, but the silk drapes especially well);  wash it thoroughly to remove excess dye (this can take repeated washings, and a soak in vinegar-and-water), iron it, get some pins, and play with it to see the possibilities!

The trick to draping without seams or darts to shape the garment is to use the fabric on the bias, and the advantages of the scarves is the wonderful choice of pattern which you won't find on a bolt, and that there are already finished edges which can be incorporated into the garment.

Play with the fabric - keep the placement of the pattern in mind - look at it from the front and back; consider how it could be easily sewn, and how it will be put on the doll!

Here's some possibilities . . .


The next dress would require darts or gathers to shape the bust, and possibly straps to keep it in place - but it's a nice use of the fabric pattern.

Consider taking photos or making sketches as you work, so you don't forget your best ideas!

This drape is a bit more complicated, would require very little (but strategic!) stitching at the waist to hold the little pleats in place.  Good thing this scarf has two ends!

But you get the idea - just play with the fabric on the doll.  When you find a drape that pleases you, think about how to secure the fabric.

These drapes would require cutting the fabric only for the lower hem, which would then be finished with a hand-stitched rolled hem.