I.  To sew the basic dress form, you’ll need: closely-woven, medium weight cotton, and cotton batting. The pattern has no seam allowances included; add 1/4”.   Trim and clip seam allowances as needed, and press seams open as you work.

1. For accurate sewing,  trace each pattern piece separately on one layer of fabric, then add the seam allowances.  This way, each seam line and registration mark will be accurate.  Match these, rather than the cut edges, when you sew.

2.  Sew centre front seam, sew side fronts to front. 

Sew each upper back to the corresponding lower back at the waist seam. Sew a sideback to each half of the back.


4. Sew the front to the backs at the side seams.

5. Stay stitch the armhole stitching line, clip curve and press seam allowances to the wrong side.                                                          

Stay stitch the lower edge on the stitching line, press seam allowances to the wrong side.

7. Sew the shoulder seams. Turn the form right side out. Slip each armhole piece inside an armhole, and stitch in place by hand. 
8. With the form wrong side out, gather the neck edge as tightly as possible, knot the thread securely.
9. Sew the base to the lower edge of the form half of the way around.

10. Stuff the form with the batting, packing it in firmly and smoothly. 

11.  Sew the opening closed. If you'd like a firmer base, insert a piece of cardboard cut to the shape of the base before closing the opening.

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