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Fitting Doll Clothes, Part Three

Contemporary non-Mattel 11.5/12" dolls


So- you started with Barbie, and then went on to . . . and they all need new clothes!  Don't despair.  If you've worked through Fitting Part One, and Jen and the Action Figure, it'll be a piece of cake!  But first, a preview of some of the "alternative" dolls.   


First, there are some dolls that are very similar in size and shape to the Barbie: the made in China "clones", Real Friends, Kari Michell , Yue-Sai WaWa, the Hasbro fashion dolls.  These will require minor adjustments to Barbie patterns, but nothing more complicated than dealing with the variety of Barbie bodies.
Hasbro, Barbie, YSWW, Spice Girl Barbie and 3 Made in China dolls


Real Girl, Barbie, clone, Jem

Integrity, Barbie, Candi, Fashion Royalty 

The Integrity and Hamilton dolls are shaped a bit more "maturely" than Barbie, and do require adjustments to allow for a larger, higher bust and a slightly larger waist. The Fashion Royalty dolls from Integrity are taller, as well.


There is enough difference in the style as well as the shape of the Integrity dolls that Perestroika is planning to do patterns just for them.


These photos are courtesy of 6th Dimension( ); 

thanks, Christine, for your work and generosity !

1. T&T Barbie


4. Teen Skipper


8. I-Girl


9. Charlie's Angel (Jaaks Pacific)


10. Hasbro GI Jane


11. Cy-girl


12. 21st Century female


13. Dragon female



The dolls in the second row above will need some significant alterations of a Barbie pattern, but it can be done!  and once you've got a basic top/pants/skirt pattern altered to fit, you can use them as a guide to altering other patterns.  If you sew for these dolls, we'd love to hear your tips and to show photos of your work!