Dorrie’s  Magic  Boa 

The boa itself is 8.5 inches long, cut from a child’s dress-up boa from Dollar Tree. One of them can make up to 5 doll ones! See if your local store has other colors you can twist together with these (black and white together, while classic, makes your doll look like she’s wearing a skunk).  Is your doll goin’ clubbin’ tonight? Talk about a funky belt! Secure it with a child’s inexpensive ring or another ribbon. Wrap it around her hat or use it as a hat! You can even pin it to a dress hemline for that extra touch of luxury!

Cut the boa about 1" wide, stitch  long sides together.  The ends were treated with Liquid Stitch in the hopes that would keep them from fraying. Fray-Check™ made it smell funny, and nobody wants their fave doll to have an odd scent. 

Loop the boa into a circle and tie the ends together with a ribbon to match your doll’s clothes. Then slip your doll’s arms into it, and it’ll circle her neck and shoulders for a fabulous, neat look no dangling ends, and it’ll definitely stay put!  Tuck the ribbon in the back to avoid ‘clutter’, or put it in front to show it off!  As the straight 8.5-inch length, it’s stylin’ to have it draped over one shoulder, or
over both for that classic ‘movie star’ look. Your doll can hold it negligently, drag the floor with it just like a real model!  Keep the ribbon handy to use your boa as a stole over your doll’s shoulders on those cool date evenings! Tuck the ribbon in back for a finished look, or bow the ribbon in front as an extra accent.

If you develop a better method, be sure to let Dorrie know!   Send us pics of yours!

Just remember this was an inexpensive child’s dress-up plaything. It will probably molt someday, and there’s no telling if it’ll stain anything else. It’s a good idea to keep it separated in a cardboard box when not in use, so if it does self-destruct, it won’t take anything you really cherish with it! Check occasionally when it is in use.

Hope you like it! Make lots of them out of all kinds of stuff and share the fun!