Sewing Panties 08

1.  Layer fabric & lining right sides together, pin pattern to fabric, sew the side seams. 2.  Remove the paper pattern; turn the panties right sides out. 3.  Secure the layers together with basting glue at the top edge. 4.  Stretch the elastic around the doll's hips to measure length; cut, leaving 1/2" to join.
5.  Position top edge of panties to one end of elastic, 1/8" below top edge and 1/4" from end.  Stitch over the lower edge of the elastic. Measure & mark half length of the elastic. 6.  Position the other end of the panties from the half-way mark, and stitch to elastic as before.
7.  Securely stitch the ends of the elastic together; trim. 8.  The completed panties; should sit below the waist.