Real Clothes panties 08 for her



Single layer or lined (paper pieced) construction, to fit Barbie TNT or BB/Flexwaist dolls. For lingerie fabrics with stretch.  Elastic below waist, bikini legs.

See the Sewing with Knits and the Sewing Panties 08 Files for sewing details.


Panties 08
1. Place fabric and lining right sides together; pin pattern to fabric, sew side seams.
Remove pattern, turn panties right side out.
2. Cut 3/8” wide lingerie elastic to fit snugly around the doll’s hips plus ½” seam allowances (about 4”).
3. Pin elastic to one top edge of panty, 1/4” from end of elastic, aligning lower edge of elastic to waist seam line; pin waist edge to elastic without stretching.
4. Find the half mark of the elastic length; pin the second waist edge from this mark to the elastic as before. Sew lower edge of elastic to panties at both waist edges with a medium zigzag stitch, being careful to secure the side edges of the panties. Trim away excess seam allowance.
5. Sew ends of elastic together with a 1/4” seam, right sides together; use a very secure stitch. Trim away excess seam allowance.
NOTES: Use basting glue between the fabric layers at the waist to hold them together while you attach the elastic.
To use wider lingerie elastic, just maintain the 1/8” from the top of the elastic to the upper edge of the panties waist; you will, in effect, be lowering the fabric waist of the panties to offset elastic width.