Real Clothes panties #3 for her, page 1 of 2

Single layer or lined (paper pieced) construction, to fit Barbie TNT or BB/Flexwaist dolls. 

For lingerie fabrics with stretch.  Elastic at waist, straight leg, back seam.

See the Sewing with Knits and the Sewing Panties #3 Files for sewing details.



Panties 03a

1. Glue-baste and hem leg edges.
2. Glue-baste waist hem, apply elastic.
3. Sew centre back seam, trim seam allowance.
4. Sew crotch seam, trim seam allowance.

NOTE: This pattern sews up quite nicely in light-weight woven fabrics.  If necessary, leave the centre back seam about 1 down from the waist, turn seam allowances to wrong side, close with tiny hook-and-eye.