Sewing Panties 03a

1.  Cut out the paper pattern; place it on the folded fabric (right sides together); trace around the pattern.  Pin the fabric layers together, and cut just inside the line. 

2.  Glue-baste the leg hems (1/8") and the waist hem (1/4") to the wrong side; let dry.  The plastic bottle provides a surface to pin the hems in place while the glue dries.

3.  Pin the panties, wrong side up, to a tear-away stabilizer, and sew the leg hems with a zigzag stitch. If you are going to use a casing for the elastic, sew the waist hem to create the casing.

Remove the stabilizer. (See #3 in Sewing Panties 03b.)  If the fabric is unstable,  use 2 layers of stabilizer, and/or use a clear stabilizer on top.

4.  If you are using elastic thread or cord, instead of sewing the casing, align the elastic just under the folded top edge; secure the beginning end, then create the casing with a zigzag stitch wide enough to clear the elastic. Remove the stabilizer, and pull the elastic to desired length.

5.  Align the centre back edges; place on a tear-away stabilizer, and sew the seam, being sure to secure the free end of the elastic.  Remove the stabilizer.  Trim the seam allowance and elastic.


6.  Align the crotch seams, replace on the stabilizer, stitch and trim the seam.  (See photos #5 and 6 in Sewing Panties 03b.)