15 Vape Logo Designs

Vape Logo Designs

15 Vape Logo Designs

Nowadays, vapes are not only replacements for cigarette smoking but are also a trend. As a recommended trend, it’s not at all surprising that personalized or custom made designs are popular. Smoking might be discouraged but no one’s stopping anyone to smoke or vape with style.

So, whether you like the simplest or most unique design, this article will help you find designs that might interest you.

Graffiti Design Letters

Opting for a ‘from the hood’ design? Then, choosing graffiti design letters with phrases of your own accord is the best choice.

Burning Skull

Because nothing’s cooler than a skull burning.

Skull biting a single-stemmed rose

Because sometimes being romantic is buried deep inside someone’s bones.

Guns and Roses

No, not the band. Guns and roses are a usual combination and many of these designs can be searched.

A King’s Crown

Even though we’ll never be royals, we can still completely rule vape design. You can also use a queen’s or a tiara with your own design to give a feminine touch.

LED Purge Mask Design shrouded in smoke

It’s a perfect design if you’re looking for a cool and mysterious image.

Surgical Mask Clipart / Clipart of Hands Washing

Well, who says you can’t help spread awareness while vaping?

Umbrella Corporation Logo

As a fictional logo seen in Resident Evil, Umbrella Corp. logo is well-known. So, if you’re into end of the world tropes and movies and wants to confuse others whether the company exists in real life, then there you go! Keep their hearts palpitating folks!

Crossed Swords with a Vape in between

Colored or not, logos with crossed swords related images will never go out of style.

Snarling Mouth – Pop Art

If you want feminine yet angsty design, you can select snarling mouth clipart. As a bonus, you can choose your preferred lip color or just use the rainbow colors.

Famous Phrases and Idioms

If you love words and vaping at the same time, you can opt for a typography-based logo wherein you can choose what phrases or idioms will be included in the design. You can also choose what kind of font you’d like.

Pepe The Frog

If you’re into internet memes, then Pepe, The Frog might be right for you. A classic icon with different versions that you’ll have fun choosing.

Phases of the Moon

Just choose one or you can put all of them. Then make it blue. Or maybe red? It’s up to you.

Brand Name

If you’re starting a business, then you can use your brand name as a base for the logo design. In this way, you can informally advertise your items to prospective clients. It may be simple but it’s effective.


Didn’t find what you like? Don’t lose hope. You can design your own.

While there are tons of other designs out there, remember that personalizing means creating a unique design fit for your item or business.

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